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Canadian Organic Growers
Canadian Organic Growers

Maple Garden Farm would like to educate the masses on the importance of eating organic produce for optimal health. In addition to eating ‘clean’ food for better health, buying organic produce means supporting local farmers and the industry as a whole. We need organic produce now and in years to come so it is imperative that we as health proponents we speak of the incredible virtues of this lifestyle.

Let us help you check out all of the amazing things that the organic movement have on you and by natural extension in the rest of the world.

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As the world population continues to grow exponentially, the pressure builds on farmers to find alternate and more sustainable practices for their farms. Organic farming is a more natural option for raising crops and livestock using less inputs compared to conventional methods.

As the push continues for higher yields, more petroleum-based fertilizers and pesticides are being used on the crops. Heavy reliance on pesticides can cause plants and insects to become resistant to them, which leads to heavier pesticide use and the cycle continues, not to mention the damage these substances have on animals higher up the food chain.

Organic Farming Canada

Organic farming focuses on working more with natural systems, such as more diverse crop rotations, green manures, cover crops and companion crops. These practices all help to balance nutrients in the soil, introduce more nutrients without using fertilizers, and build soil life and structure.

Farms that are organic can be part of a more complete nutrient cycle using both crops and livestock together. Organic livestock production can be more sustainable by using grazing systems which is a lower cost production method compared to confinement systems.

Organic Farming NB

Today’s farming practices rely too much on non-renewable resources and may not be sustainable in the future. As these become more expensive, another system will have to be adopted. I feel that organic farming can be that system.


Date: 06 Nov, 2019
Client: Maple Garden Farm
Location: Maplehurst,New Brunswick, Canada
Value: $5,200
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