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Have you ever wonder?

If seems impossible these days to turn on the TV, radio or go online without hearing about the global food shortage, the high cost of food or food in general – GMO, food allergies, pesticides, factory farms, antibiotics, cage free, grass feed there is an over whelming cloud of negativity about our food, its source and how we all need to save our selves.

We all know the “food like” products we consume and put into our bodies on a daily basis is no where or like the quality people eat just a century ago. Many are waking up to food gimmicks being feed to our minds and starting to seek, analyze and employing health alternative and trigging a tidal wave of families looking for that change.


Farming New Brunswick Canada

These changes are becoming too powerful to ignore or dismiss and pioneers like Joel F. Salatin is leading the charge for change

Idea of using live stocks to heal the the land – Joel F. Salatin


Why we practice this method of farming?

In the recent months when hundreds and thousands of farmer was screaming about the price of fertilizer, certain types and brands of feeds, foreign grains and its related products, our farms remain unaffected.

Many ask why?

We don’t buy fertilizer we generate our very own via our very own natural formulae. Suddenly those who laugh and discounted our way of action -starting listening. Similarly just in time inventory did not affect us during the corona ( covid ) crisis as our farm was build on sound building blocks and layers of protection – thanks to wind, water, the sun ( solar ), the soil and proven best practice management.


Farming New Brunswick

Our keys take away points are:

Our body need nutrient base food
and reconnect the food chain

reintroduce yourself to food¬† –¬† experience real food again.


Date: 06 Nov, 2019
Client: Maple Garden Farm
Location: Maplehurst, New Brunswick, Canada
Value: $2,600
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