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Many people with cow milk allergies can drink goat milk because it contains a different kind of protein.
Goat milk has 13% less lactose than cow milk, and 41% less than human milk.

The milk-fat particles are small, making goat milk very easy to digest. Babies do extremely well on goat milk formulas, when a mother does not nurse her own baby. Goat milk has superior ease of digestion and buffering properties, making it an ideal convalescent diet for people with digestive upsets or ulcers.

Goat milk fatty acids have a unique metabolic ability to limit cholesterol deposits in body tissues.

Goat milk and its products, including butter, are pure white because all the yellow beta-carotene is already converted to colorless pure vitamin A.

Goat Farming on New Brunswick Canada
Farming in Canada

Compared to cow’s milk, goat milk has similar amounts of protein, fat, iron, vitamin C and vitamin D.
Goat milk has more natural vitamin A, more vitamin B , and less lactose. Fresh wholesome goat milk contributes to the strong and healthy development of growing children.
Goat milk and cow milk taste about the same.


Usually people are interested in milking goats for a couple of reasons. First of all almost everyone likes the fact that there is no need to purchase quota when shipping goats milk. This is because there is no marketing agency for goat milk. However , some mistakenly take this to meaning that there is no regulation. In fact the same regulations apply whether you are shipping goats milk or cows milk.

Farming in NB Canada

Actually goat milk producers have to be even more knowledgeable about some dairy practices. We have to be very aware of cleanliness because our milk is only picked up once a week as opposed to every other day for cows milk and because goat milk tends to be more susceptible to off flavors, it is necessary to constantly monitor all feed stuffs and the milk quality.

Another reason people give for wanting to get into milking goats is that they think that goats will be easier to to buy and to handle than cows. Goats may be easier to handle, but they come with their own set of rules, with seasonal breeding being only one. As for easy to buy most people are surprise what they will have to pay for quality dairy animals, that is if they can find any, actually good quality animals are much easier to breed than buy.

Goat Farming NB Canada

When deciding whether or not you want to get into milking goats there are several criteria which have to be met. First you need someone who is willing to buy the milk you produce , these markets are growing and there is increasing interest out there , but the markets at present are very limited and potential producers far outnumber potential processors.

Second you should have some working knowledge of goats and goat milk production, it is always wise to start with a few animals and grow and learn as you go rather than to buy an existing herd and start cold. Several people have tried the latter with dismal results.


Date: 06 Nov, 2019
Client:      Maple Garden Farm
Location: CANADA
Value:       $2,500
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